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Wake Up, Snorlax!
Episode #138>
Traveling into the next town, Ash and company run into an old hippie who plays his Poke-flute for them, hoping to get a meal in exchange. But Ash doesn't have any food to give him, and when they get into town, they find that no one has any food! The river has dried up and the crops have died. Following the river bed, Ash and the others discover a huge Snorlax is blocking the river! They decide to wake it up, but no matter what they try, Snorlax keeps snoozing. Team Rocket shows up, and the kids decide to let them try. After a few disasterous attempts, Ash's Pokedex tells them that only the sound of a Pokeflute will awaken Snorlax. They race back to the hippie with the Pokeflute, who informs them that the Snorlax is his Pokemon! He awakens Snorlax, but it turns out Snorlax wasn't blocking the river at all... it's a bunch of thorny vines! Ash is disappointed that he'd have to clear the vines to open up the river, but it turns out the vines are Snorlax's favorite food! Snorlax munches down the vines and the river flow is restored.

Quotable Quotes
"Your girth is blowin' my mind!" ~ The Hippie, when he arrives to wake up Snorlax.
"Nothing makes me angrier than being told the truth!" ~an angry James

Did You Notice?...
A closed sign on a shop features a sleeping Slowpoke.
James extends his pinkie when he talks into the mircophone, but draws it back in when he hands it to Jessie.
JThe light bulb that appears over Jessie's head has a Pikachu in it.

Who's That Pokemon?: Snorlax!
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