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The Battling Eevee Brothers
Episode #137>
Ash and company are walking through a forest when they come upon an Eevee tied to a tree. They find a name tag on its collar and they search out the address, eventually ending up in front of a huge mansion! Walking through the gate, they find a party going on, where everyone is evolving their Pokemon using stones. The three brothers hosting the party see Eevee and thank Ash for finding it, telling him it belongs to their younger brother Mikey. Mikey isn't too thrilled to have Eevee back, as his brothers are pressuring him to evolve Eevee into a Jolteon, Vaporeon or a Flareon. While the brothers try to convince Ash and Brock to evolve Pikachu and Vulpix, Misty talks to Mikey, who tells her he hid Eevee in the woods so he wouldn't have to evolve it. Misty tells Mikey he needs to tell his brothers that he doesn't want to evolve Eevee. He agrees, and goes to tell them, when suddenly Team Rocket drops in yet again. James uses Weezing to send out a Smoke Screen and they snatch the Pokemon, the evolution stones and the food! Ash pops their balloon as they fly away, but when they investigate the crashed balloon, they discover it was only a decoy! Team Rocket is driving away in a truck, but Horsea manages to leave behind a trail of ink. Later, Team Rocket is trying to decide what to evolve Eevee into when Ash and company pops out of the bushes. All the Pokemon are freed, but Team Rocket refuses to give up, beating up Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Mikey and Eevee, enraged that Team Rocket hurt his brother's Pokemon, attack Team Rocket and send them flying off again. The brothers congratulate Mikey and Mikey tells them he doesn't want to evolve Eevee. His brothers understand, and even tell him they wish he'd told them sooner. Everyone goes back to the party and everyone has a good time... except for Team Rocket, who are stranded in the woods with only canned food to eat.

Quotable Quotes
Team Rocket Champions
Jessie: "We can't lose this battle to them!
James: "Especially on our first day as champions!"
Asking For It
Misty: "It must be nice to have big brothers."
Ash: "YOU could pass for MY brother!"
Misty punches Ash to the ground
Brock: "Grasshopper have little sense, but big mouth."
Pikachu: "Pika Pika"

Did You Notice?...
The copy of Pokemon Friend magazine has a picture of a Butterfree on the cover.

Misty calls Jessie an "old hag" for the first time.
Who's That Pokemon?: Eevee!
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