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Pikachu's Goodbye

Episode #136>
While the group takes a break in the forest, Pikachu spots a pack of wild Pikachu! Pikachu approaches them and tries to make friends. Scared of him at first, the wild Pikachu gradually accept him. Ash, looking on, decides to make friends too and walks towards them. The wild Pikachu get scared and run off. Ash apologizes to Pikachu, who is a bit sad. Later on, they are by the fiver when a small wild Pikachu falls into the river! Pikachu jumps in and grabs it, but the current carries both of them away. The other wild Pikachu form a chain and swim out and grab them. The wild Pikachu gather around the unconsious Pikachu. Ash tries to get close but Brock holds him back. Pikachu wakes up and the wild Pikachu cheer for him and accept them into their pack. Pikachu spends the entire day with them, while Ash sees that Pikachu is very happy with his own kind. That night, Ash is sleeping when he hears the Pikachu suddenly cry out. He rushes into the woods and finds that Team Rocket has trapped them all in a net! Pikachu tries to Thundershock the net, but the net is "Pikachu Proof". Team Rocket flies off with the net in tow, but Pikachu chews through the net and climbs up and distracts Team Rocket while the other Pikachu escape. When all the Pikachu have escaped, Pikachu send Team Rocket blasting off. Ash hugs Pikachu, but the other Pikachu start cheering for Pikachu and Pikachu jumps down and joins them. Ash leaves and heads back to the campsite. As dawn approaches, he tells Brock and Misty he's leaving Pikachu behind, since Pikachu would be better off with its own kind. Ash says goodbye to Pikachu and begins to walk away. Pikachu runs after Ash, but Ash just runs faster and leaves Pikachu behind. He runs until he's exhaused and collapses in tears. Misty and Brock catch up to Ash and try to get him to go back, but Ash refuses. As the sun rises, Ash notices Pikachu standing on a hilltop. Pikachu runs and jumps into Ash's arms, and Ash understands how much Pikachu loves him. As the best friends hug, the pack of wild Pikachu cheer for them.
Quotable Quotes
Capturing the Pikachu
Meowth: "It's a 'Pika'-palooza!"
Jessie: "We're at the 'Pika" our powers!"
James: "'Chu' can say that again!"

Meowth's voice changes to voice actor Adam Blaustien.
Who's That Pokemon?: Pikachu!
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