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Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
Episode #135>
Caught in the rain, Ash and friends seek shelter into a seeminly abandoned mansion. Inside, they find another Pikachu, but it's face is all distorted! Then a girl shows up, dressed like Ash! She introduces herself as Duplica and reveals the weird Pikachu is actually a Ditto! The only problem is that Ditto can't do a perfect transformation and can never get the faces right. She tells them she used to run a show in the mansion for travelers, and part of the act was Ditto impersonating Pokemon in the audience. But since Ditto couldn't change its face, people stopped coming. Suddenly, Team Rocket pops on stage, snatches Ditto and takes off. Team Rocket hides out in a cabin and tells Ditto why they stole it: to have it transform into a Dratini to give to Giovanni! But Ditto keeps messing up and making Jessie angrier and angrier. Finally, Ditto manages to transform into a Meowth perfectly! Then, Ash, Duplica and the others break in, imitating Team Rocket. When Duplica sees that Ditto copied Meowth perfectly, she thanks them. Team Rocket, touched, gives her back one of the Meowth and takes off with the other. Of course, Duplica instantly knows that it isn't Ditto they gave her, it's Meowth! She throws Meowth back at Team Rocket and Ditto jumps back down to her. Team Rocket tries to capture all the Pokemon, but Ditto and Pikachu work together and send Team Rocket blasting off again. Now with Ditto able to transform perfectly, Duplica reopens the House of Imite and Ash and company continue on their way.

Quotable Quotes
Meet Duplica
Misty: "You're right Brock, she is a girl!"
Brock: "Hmm, but she may be a little young for me..."
Misty: "You're sad..."

Did You Notice?...
Duplica imitates Gloom, Metapod, Psyduck, Horsea, Bulbasaur and Goldeen in her stage show.

Who's That Pokemon?: Ditto!
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