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The Bridge Bike Gang
Episode #134>
Traveling through a busy city, Ash and friends discover a huge bridge that they could use as a shortcut, but would take an entire day to cross on foot! With no bikes and no money to buy bikes, they go to a Pokemon Center to figure out another way across. While there, they overhear Nurse Joy worring about something. Naturally, Brock asks what's wrong and she asks if they can deliver a package of medicine to Sunny Town on the other side of the bridge. And they can even use the Pokemon Center's bikes to go there! And naturally, they agree! It's smooth biking across the first half of the bridge, but when they stop for a quick break, they are approached by a bike gang looking for a Pokemon battle! The leader challenges Ash to battle his Golem, which Ash quickly defeats with Bulbasaur and Charmander. Then a female biker (who Brock instantly falls in love with) challenges Misty with her Cloyser. Misty tries to use Starmie, but Psyduck pops out instead. An embarassing battle ensues, with Psyduck using pathetic attacks and ends up getting stuck in Cloyster's Clamp attack. Just as Misty is about to clobber Psyduck, Team Rocket shows up. It seems that they were once top members of the gang, and they get the bikers to help capture Pikachu. Suddenly, Officer Jenny shows up and Team Rocket and the bike gang speed away. Ash continues along his way, as a storm begins to roll in. As the kids cross the bridge, the Bike Gang ask Jessie and James to ride through the storm and "show them how it's done". Out in the rain, Team Rocket attempt to jump over an open portion of the bridge, just as Ash and the others do the same. Ash and company make it across the gap by bouncing their bikes off Team Rocket's heads, sending them splashing off into the water. The Bike Gang tries to stop Ash, and Ash explains he's trying to deliver medicine to a sick Pokemon. The gang changes their tune and rides with Ash to the Pokemon Center, where the medicine is administered just in time.

Quotable Quotes
"They're all a bunch of scaredy cats... I'm getting pretty scared myself!" ~Meowth, after the bike gang runs away after the police arrive.

Did You Notice?...
Misty drinks her trademark orange and strawberry soda.
Farfetch'd, Haunter, Caterpie and Snorlax are featured on posters in the Pokemon Center.

It is revealed that Jessie and James belonged to another orangization before they joined Team Rocket. It is also revealed that James can't ride a bike without training wheels.
Who's That Pokemon?: Cloyster!
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