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The Kangaskhan Kid

Episode #133>

In the Safari Zone, Ash spots a Chansey and attempts to capture it, only to find out it's Officer Jenny in disguise! She arrests all of them for Pokemon poaching. At the ranger station, they learn that they are in a protected part of the Safari Zone, and Jenny lets them off with a warning. Suddenly an alarm sounds, telling Jenny there are poachers in the area. Ash offers to help, and they all drive off to capture the poachers, who turn out to be, who else, Team Rocket. Team Rocket captures the Kangaskhan in a net, when suddenly a little boy jumps out of the jungle, attacks Team Rocket and frees the Kangaskhan. The boy jumps into the pouch of one Kangaskhan and rides off with them. Jenny explains to Ash that boy is Tommo, a boy who lives with the Kangaskhan. Suddenly, a helicopter lands and a couple comes out, saying they've heard reports that their lost son is in the area. It turns out Tommo is their son Tommy! Ash decides to help the parents find Tommy, but when they do find Tommy, he has no idea who his parents are. Tommy's father mangages to job Tommy's memory, but Tommy is still confused. Suddenly, they hear the Kangaskhan cry out, and Tommy runs off to see what's wrong. Team Rocket is back, and they use a giant robot Kangaskhan to capture the Kangaskhan. Ash and the Pokemon try to stop them but the robot keeps on going. Then Tommy's parents arrive in their helicopter and crash into the giant robot, making it explode and sending Team Rocket blasting off again. Tommy's parents emerge from the rubble and tell Tommy if he wants to live with the Kangaskhan, they will stay with him.

Quotable Quotes
"Maybe if you had been holding him, this wouldn't have happened." ~Tommy's father to Tommy's mother, after he drops Tommy from the helicopter.

Did You Notice?...
Misty hits both Tommy and his father in the head.

Who's That Pokemon?: Kangaskhan!
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