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The Flame Pokemon-athon

Episode #132>
Traveling though the Safari Zone, Ash catches sight of a herd of Tauros. But before he can capture one, a girl on a Ponyta stops him and tells him he is on a Pokemon reserve, and catching Pokemon is not allowed. She tells them they are in the Big P Pokemon Ranch, owned by the Larame family, and she introduces herself as Lara Larame. Ash tries to pet Ponyta, but the Pokemon burns Ash, and Lara tells them Ponyta burns people it doesn't trust. Lara invites them all to a party that night, and to a big Pokemon race the next day. The annual Pokemon race is a competition among Pokemon trainers, and whoever wins the race becomes an honorary member of the Larame family. Just then, her rival Dario and his herd of Dodrio, comes by to taunt Lara and tells her he's going to win the race. That night, at the party, Dario tells Lara that there is trouble at the ranch. She speeds off towards the ranch on her Ponyta. Suddenly, a rustling the in bushes and a flash of light spooks Ponyta, who bucks Lara to the ground and she breaks her arm. As Brock and Misty tend to Lara, Ash tries to calm Ponyta down. Meanwhile, we find out it was Meowth's gold charm that spooked Ponyta, and Dario hired Team Rocket to sabatoge the race. Back at the race, Lara asks Ash to ride Ponyta in her place. Ash decides to try, and after a little training, he's ready for the big race in the morning. Dozens of Pokemon and their Trainers compete in the race, including Misty, Brock, and Pikachu. As the race progresses, Team Rocket's traps knock the Pokemon out of the race one by one until only Dario, Ash, Misty, Pikachu and Squirtle are left. Team Rocket shows up and keep Ash and the others occupied while Dario dashes ahead. Ponyta sends Team Rocket blasting off with a Fire Blast, and then Ash and Ponyta rush ahead to catch up to Dario. Ponyta catches up, but Dodrio pecks Ponyta in the eye, sending them falling back. Suddenly, Ponyta's flames begin to burn hot white and it begins to glow and it evolves into Rapidash. Rapidash zooms toward the finish line and Ash wins by a nose! Lara thanks Ash and Rapidash, and waves goodbye as Ash and the others head on further into the Safari Zone.

Quotable Quotes
"James! Stop dis crazy thing!" ~Meowth, as Dodrio pecks Team Rocket, a reference to the ending of the TV show, 'The Jetsons'.
Team Rocket knocks Tauros out of the race.
James: "I got a bull's eye!"
Jessie: "Or close to it!"

Did You Notice?...
Ash munches on a Magikarp shaped candy bar at the festival
Among the Pokemon racing are Rhyhorn, Tauros, Nidoran, Electrode and Raticate.
In the scene where Pikachu shocks Ash and Ponyta back into the race, Squirtle still has his Japanese voice.
The word "Goal" at the finish line is spelled "Gool".

During the festival, "Pokemon Ondo", a Japanese Pokemon song, is played in the background. Japanese songs are usually edited out and replaced with American versions, but in this early episode, no American songs had yet been produced.
Who's That Pokemon?: Ponyta!
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