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Dig Those Diglett
Episode #130>
Traveling through a forest, Ash and company keep hearing explosions and trucks. When they find the source of all the noise, they find that it's a dam under construction! The foreman of the project approaches the kids and asks them if they are the trainers he's called for. When asked why he needs trainers, the foreman tells them he needs them to get rid of the Diglett interfering with the dam construction, with the reward being a stay at an exlusive hot springs resort. Then Gary shows up, with his cheerleaders and two buses full of other trainers. Gary vows to capture all the Diglett and calls out his Pokemon. However, his Pokemon refuses to battle the Diglett! He and the other trainers try their other Pokemon, but none of them come out to battle. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is plotting once again to steal Pikachu, but realize they don't have a chance with Ekans and Koffing. Meowth reminds Jessie and James about "Plan B", and they decide to try and evolve Ekans and Koffing! Back at the dam, Gary and the other trainers give up and leave, leaving Ash a little confused as to why his Pokemon wouldn't battle. Pikachu just sighs. Ash and company walk off as the foreman frantically tries to drive away the Diglett with a mallet. That night, as they relax in a hot spring, a Diglett pops up! They follow it into the forest and find a bunch of Diglett and Dugtrio planting new trees. They soon figure out the reason the Diglett were trying to stop the dam from being built... a dam would cause the entire valley to flood and destroy the forest! They discover that the foreman has followed them and he realizes what would happen too, and decides not to build the dam. Just then, Team Rocket shows up, with their newly evolved Pokemon, Arbok and Weezing! They attack, but the evolution didn't seem too help much, as they are quickly defeated by the Diglett and sent blasting off again!

Quotable Quotes
Once again...
Misty: "Don't tell me we're lost again!"
Brock: "Okay, I won't tell you..."
Jessie: "Oh, the destruction!"
James: "And we didn't cause it!"

Did You Notice?...
Brock says that Diglett plow the field and the Dugtrio plant the trees, but it's actually the other way around.
We still do not get to see Gary's Pokemon.

Jessie and James's Pokemon evolve into Arbok and Weezing.
Who's That Pokemon?: Diglett!
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