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Sparks Fly For Magnemite
Episode #129>
The kids are going through the factory town of Gringy City when Ash notices that Pikachu doesn't look well. A quick trip to the Pokemon Center finds that Pikachu simply has a cold. As Nurse Joy finishes her examination, the power goes out! Joy is worried, because some of the Pokemon at the center are on life support, and won't last long without it! Ash leaves Pikachu at the center and goes with Brock and Misty to find out what's going on. They find Officer Jenny, who tells them there's a problem at the power plant. Suddenly, Pikachu pops out of the bushes! Ash tells Pikachu to go back and rest, but Pikachu refuses, worried that Ash might forget about him. Ash reluctatly agrees and they all rush towards the power plant. Inside, they find it deserted, except for a strange being following them! They quickly discover it's a Magnemite, who appears to have a crush on Pikachu! Pikachu isn't too fond of Magnemite though, and Ash chases it off. Suddenly they hear another noise, and this time it isn't a Magnemite... it's a bunch of Grimer and a Muk! The kids run away, and run into some plant workers, who bring them into the control room. They tell Ash that the Grimer have blocked the intake from the bay, which powers the turbines in the plant. The Grimer break into the room and advance on Ash and the others. Pikachu's the only Pokemon they have, and despite his efforts, he can't defeat all of the Grimer! Suddenly, the Magnemite returns with other Magnemite and Magneton! They all shock the Grimer into retreat, while the big Muk stays behind. Ash and Pikachu battle and capture the Pokemon, only to find out after they catch it that... it stinks even inside it's Pokeball! Once the power is restored, Ash discovers that Pikachu is feeling better! It seems that Pikachu's cold was causes by an overcharge of electricty, and the battle with Muk seems to have balanced it all out! It also appears that Magneton's attraction to Pikachu was only caused by the overcharge, and now that Pikachu's back to normal, Magneton has no interest in Pikachu.

Quotable Quotes
"All right! If anybody's there you can come on out!... And if you're a ghost or a monster... you can stay where you are and we won't bother you..." ~Ash, challenging the noises in the darkened power plant.
"Magnemite's following Pikachu all over the place, like it's a streaker or something..." ~Ash, as Magnemite follows Pikachu around.
Family Ties
Ash: "Are you by any chance the odd-ball of the family?"
Joy: "Oh, no. It's all my other relatives that are odd."

Did You Notice?...
Meowth's periscope has cat ears on top.

Who's That Pokemon?: Magnemite!
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