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The Punchy Pokemon
Episode #128>
While walking along a road, Ash spots a Hitmonchan. Figuring it's a wild one, Ash sends Pikachu to battle, after teaching him how to box of course. But Pikachu only lands one good hit on Hitmonchan, when a man comes out telling Hitmonchan to keep his guard up. Hitmonchan then proceeds to knock Pikachu out. The man introduces himself as Anthony, Hitmonchan's trainer. Suddenly, a girl appears, asking him to come home. Anthony refuses, saying he will only come hom after the P-1 Championship and he walks off with Hitmonchan. Brock, smitten with the girl, asks her name and she says it's Rebecca. She asks Brock and Ash to defeat her father Anthony in the P-1 Championship, in hopes that he will finally come home to his family. Ash and Brock agree, and enter Primeape and Geodude into the competition. Meanwhile, Team Rocket steal a Hitmonlee and disguise themselves to enter the tournament, in hopes of winning the belt and selling it for money. At the tournament, Primeape ignores Ash's orders until it is tossed out of the ring and Ash quickly catches it. Primeape begins to trust Ash and they quickly rack up wins. Geodude is defeated by Team Rocket's Hitmonlee. As Hitmonlee and Anthony's Hitmonchan fight, Meowth manages to get Hitmonchan's feet glued to the mat. Hitmonchan takes a beating and Rebecca jumps into the ring to save it. Anthony, seeing that Rebecca is in danger, jumps into the ring and blocks Hitmonlee's kicks. Anthony throws in the towel and apologizes to Hitmonchan and Rebecca for making them worry. Finally, only Primeape and Hitmonlee are left. Meowth places a bomb under the ring to blow Primeape out of the ring, but Pikachu manages to deactivate it. Primeape defeats Hitmonlee and Primeape is awarded the P-1 Belt. Jessie and James yell at Meowth when Pikachu hands them the bomb, which goes off and sends them blasting off again. As they leave, Ash leaves Primeape with Anthony to become a true fighting champion, and Rebecca promises to make sure Anthony spends lots of time with his family too.

Quotable Quotes
"I'd hate to interrupt your internal dream sequence..." ~James, to a day-dreaming Jessie.

Who's That Pokemon?: Hitmonchan!
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