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Pokemon Fashion Flash

Episode #127>
The group arrives in another city, walking on Scissor Street, a street full of fashion stores and salons. Brock look feverishly for a certain store, while Ash and Misty notice all the flashy designs the Pokemon and their trainers on the street are wearing. It turns out that a new salon in town is spreading the flashy fashion, the Salon Rock-et, which is run by Jessie, James and Meowth, looking to make some extra cash! Brock finally finds the store he was looking for. Inside the group meets Susie, the owner and operator of the salon. Misty finds that Susie has a Vulpix, but when she tries to pick it up, the Vulpix fries her with a fire attack. Brock then asks Susie to accept him as her student, proclaiming that she is the best Pokemon Breeder in the world. Susie is flattered, but is unsure of taking on a student. Inviting the group to tea, she confides in them that since the Salon Rock-et came into town, business for her has been slow. She says that the new Pokemon fashion focuses on the outside instead of what's inside of the Pokemon. As Brock and Ash try to reassure Susie, Misty decides to go to Salon Rock-et and give lumbering Psyduck a makeover. Susie has a lecture on caring for Pokemon that is open to the public. The lecture draws away Salon Rock-et's customers, except for Misty and Psyduck. Jessie and James recognizes who she is and offers her a complete make-over. Misty loves her new look, but soon realizes who they really are. As James and Jessie tie up Misty, Psyduck runs back to Susie's salon and tells Ash and Brock what happened. Running to the Salon Rock-et, Ash and Brock confront Team Rocket, demanding they release Misty. Instead, Team Rocket transforms the Salon into a flashy battle arena. Susie runs up and commands Vulpix to use Fire Spin, which blasts Team Rocket off again. The new fashion is soon yesterday's news and Susie's business thrives again. Susie tells Brock that she cannot teach him because she is still learning herself. She give Brock her Vulpix, since he is the only other person Vulpix has ever been fond of. Brock promises to take good care of Vulpix.

Quotable Quotes
Nervous Brock
Brock: "My name's Brock, nice to meet you Susie, er, uh, I want to breed like you, uh, I mean I want to be a breeder like you!"
Susie: "It's very nice to meet you Brock, I'm flattered that you want to make me your model!"
Brock: "Yes, I want to model you, I mean, I'm flattered that you're flattered, uh, I mean, your Vulpix is nice..."

Did You Notice?...
When James grabs Misty, his arm seems to go through her neck.

Who's That Pokemon?: Vulpix!
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