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Hypno's Naptime

Episode #126>
Wandering into Hop Hop Hop Town, Ash suddenly finds himself being hugged by a strange lady! It turns out that Ash looks a lot like her son Arnold, who has gone missing like many other children recently. Ash decides to help Officer Jenny locate the missing children. When they arrive at the Pokemon Center, Ash notices that Pikachu is very tired, just like all the other Pokemon in the center. The Pokemon began acting strangely around the same time the children disappeared. One of Jenny's detection devices begins to pick up some strange waves, and they track them to a mansion that turns out to be an exclusive club of Pokemon fans! They explain that one of their Drowzee recently evolved into a Hypno, and they use Hypno to cure their insomnia. When told about the missing children and the Pokemon, the club president fears that Hypno's altered sleep waves may have caused all the trouble. Misty goes up to Hypno and when he tries to put her to sleep, she begins to act like a Seel! She runs out and Ash and the others give chase. She leads them to a park where the missing children are all acting like Pokemon! The club president suggests that they use his Drowzee to counter-act Hypno's sleep waves, and it might cure the children. They return to the mansion and try it out on Misty, who quickly turns back to normal. As they leave to bring Hypno to the park, Team Rocket suddenly arrives and attempts to steal Drowzee and Hypno, but are quickly sent flying by Staryu and Pidgeotto. Ash gets Drowzee to the park and the children return to normal. When they go back to the Pokemon Center, all the Pokemon are back to normal, except one, a Psyduck. The Psyduck follows the kids as they leave, and Misty trips and a Pokeball falls out of her pocket. Psyduck taps it with his beak and he's captured! Thus begins a long headache for Misty...

Quotable Quotes
Kidnapping Hypno and Drowzee
James: "I don't get it. Why didn't we do this from the beginning?"
Jessie: "We have to fill a half-hour!"

Did You Notice?...
A scene from the episode "Beauty and the Beach" is used in a flashback sequence, even though we won't see that episode in America until the next season.

Who's That Pokemon?: Psyduck!
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