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Primeape Goes Bananas

Episode #124>
Ash stops to call Prof Oak, to find out that Gary has already caught a bunch of Pokemon and a fifth Badge. He goes back to find Brock fixing rice balls for the group. Suddenly, a Mankey pops in and begins to beg for some food. Brock gives Mankey a rice ball and Mankey hops away to eat it. Ash decides to catch up to Gary and attempts to capture Mankey. All he does is anger Mankey, though, and Mankey beats up Ash and steals his hat, and hops up into a tree. Ash tries to get his hat back, but Mankey keeps knocking Ash down. When Misty asks Ash what's so important about the hat, he rants about how it was an official Pokemon League Hat and that he sent in a million postcards to a contest to win it. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is watching and waiting for Ash to get worn out so they can steal Pikachu. Ash tries once again to get his hat back, but Mankey just runs away again. Team Rocket then pops up and kicks Mankey aside, demanding Pikachu. When Brock says they shouldn't have kicked Mankey, they all look to the side and see Mankey evolve into a Primeape! Primeape beats up Team Rocket, then goes after Ash and the others. They run into a canyon and split up, with Primeape still after Ash. Team Rocket somehow makes it further down the road and starts digging a pit when Ash runs into them. Pikachu shocks them, and Ash climbs out of the pit to find himself face to face with Primeape! Ash is determined to capture Primeape, and uses Charmander to battle it. A wild battle ensues, until finally Charmander uses Rage and knocks out Primeape. Ash captures Primeape and gets his hat back, just as Team Rocket climbs out of the pit. When they ask where Primeape went, Ash gladly shows them by releasing Primeape and letting him knock them into the air.

Quotable Quotes
"Team Rocket always puts beauty before duty!" ~James, as they go after Primeape after it smashes Jessie's face.
"Pokeball!, sorry. Donut, go!" ~Brock, tossing a "donut" at Primeape.
Ash: "It's a donut!"
Misty: "A donut Pokemon?"

Did You Notice?...
Mankey mocks Ash by mimicing Ash's Pokeball throwing animation.
In the Pokemon League Hat commercial, Pokemon League is spelled "Pockemon Leag".

Brock's "donuts" are actually rice balls.
Who's That Pokemon?: Primeape!
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