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Haunter Vs. Kadabra

Episode #123>
Ash returns to Saffron City with Haunter as his newest Pokemon, planning to use it against Sabrina's Kadabra and win the Marsh Badge. He challenges Sabrina again, but when he calls Haunter, it never appears. Ash forfeits the match and they all make a break for it, but Brock and Misty are captured and turned into rag dolls by Sabrina. Sabrina is about to capture Ash, when the jogger Ash met a few days ago appears and teleports him to safety. In a park, the man tells Ash all about Sabrina, how she became so obsessed with her psychic powers she drove off her family. He says that the doll she carries represents her true self, a lonely girl who wants to make friends. He also tells Ash that the only way to free Misty and Brock is to defeat Sabrina. Ash sets out again to find Haunter and finds him, spooking Team Rocket. Ash gets Haunter to come back to the gym with him. Ash challenges Sabrina again, but Haunter does his disappearing act again. All seems hopeless, but Pikachu sticks up for Ash and goes into battle against Kadabra. Pikachu does remarkably well, toasting Kadabra with Thunder, but Sabrina orders it to use Recover. Suddenly, Haunter appears again and begins making faces at Sabrina. Sabrina says two against one is unfair, but the jogger (by now you should know he is really Sabrina's father) appears and says that Haunter isn't really fighting, it's just wandering around on its own. Haunter continues to make faces at Sabrina and eventually makes Sabrina laugh! She goes hysterical, and since she and Kadabra are psychically linked, Kadabra is laughing as well, unable to battle, making Pikachu the winner! Haunter restores Sabrina's human spirit, Brock and Misty return to normal, and Ash wins himself a Marsh Badge!

Quotable Quotes
"It just crossed the cute line...." ~Misty, after Haunter paralyzes her with a Lick.
"It's the greatest discovery since Einstein invented the light bulb!" ~Jessie, on nets.
"Sabrina had this picture of her family in her room... if you have the same picture, then that must mean... you're a photographer! ~ A totally clueless Ash, with no idea that the jogger is actually Sabrina's father.

Did You Notice?...
Japanese word balloons pop up above Jessie and Meowth's heads just before they fall through the floor.
Gengar's eyes are white in the last scene.

Ash wins his fourth Badge, the Marsh Badge.
Who's That Pokemon?: Haunter!
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