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The Tower of Terror

Episode #122>
After being defeated by Sabrina, Ash must capture a Ghost Pokemon if he hopes to have a chance against the Psychic trainer. He arrives at the haunted Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town, but hesitates to actually go inside. While he and Misty argue outside, inside, Team Rocket is plotting to steal Pikachu. However, they fall prey to a rotting floor and some Ghost Pokemon. Ash and the others hear Team Rocket's screams, and go in to investigate. Inside, they come upon a fancy dining room, but suddenly they hear laughter and the furniture goes flying around the room. The trainers run from the house, but Ash is determined to get a Ghost Pokemon. He goes back inside and comes face to face with Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, who try to make Ash laugh with their comedy routine. Ash doesn't find them amusing, and they sadly sink through the floor. Ash dives to catch them, but slams against the floor instead. The force of the fall causes a giant light fixture to fall onto Ash and Pikachu, knocking them out cold. Haunter pulls Ash and Pikachu's spirits from their bodies, and the ghosts take them on a tour of their home. They take Ash to their playroom and show him all the toys they have. They weren't trying to scare anyone, they were looking for someone to play with. Ash is flattered, but tells them he has to go back and continue his journey. The ghosts are sad, but bring him and Pikachu back to their bodies. Ash and Pikachu wake up to find a worried Misty and Brock looking over them. They head back to Saffron City, with Haunter coming along with Ash to help battle Sabrina! Meanwhile, Gastly and Gengar have found some new playmates... Team Rocket!

Quotable Quotes
"The floor broke his fall." ~Meowth, after James falls through the rotting floor into the basement.
"It looks like Team Rocket's throwing up again!" ~Team Rocket, getting dizzy as they are trapped on the merry go round.

Did You Notice?...
Japanese word balloons pop up above Jessie and Meowth's heads just before they fall through the floor.
Gengar's eyes are white in the last scene.

Who's That Pokemon?: Gengar!
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