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Abra and the Psychic Showdown

Episode #121>
Traveling in a dark forest along the way to Saffron City, Ash comes across a small girl in the woods. He asks her for directions, but she just runs off into the brush. He chases after her, but ends up falling down a cliff. He calls out Bulbasaur, who saves him with a Vine Whip. When Ash is safe, they discover they're near Saffron City! They go into town, and are confronted by two ladies who say they've won a contest! The ladies bring them into a building, but once inside, they steal Pikachu and push Ash and the others onto a warp tile! Ash and the rest appear in a blocked room, while Team Rocket taunts them via a TV screen. The cameras malfunction though, and as Team Rocket tries to fix it, the small girl from the woods rescues Pikachu and Ash and brings the group back outside. They find themselves in front of Saffron Gym! A passing jogger warns them not to enter, but Ash does anyway. When he finally reaches Sabrina, he finds that the small girl! He challenges her, and she says if Ash loses, he has to play with her. Ash agrees, then the real Sabrina, a tough looking trainer, reveals herself. She calls out her Abra and Ash calls out his Pikachu. Pikahu uses Thunderbolt, but Abra evades the attack, then evolves into Kadabra! Kadabra plays with Pikachu, using it's Psychic powers to slam Pikachu against the walls and ceiling. Finally, Ash forfeits the match. Sabrina then transports them again, and it looks like they've arrived in a small town. After a little investigation, though, Ash and the others realize that they're in a small model town! Sabrina's doll chases them through the town, but they are saved by the strange jogger. Back outside the gym, the jogger warns Ash not to challenge Sabrina again. Ash refuses, but even though the jogger tries to use his own Psychic powers to drive Ash away, Ash won't give up. The jogger takes heart, and tells Ash if he can capture a ghost Pokemon, he might stand a chance against Sabrina.

Quotable Quotes
"It's Team Rocket!... Eww, gross, they both kissed me! ~Ash, after Team Rocket captures them.
Misty: You're sense of direction's so bad, you can't find yourself in a mirror!
Ash: Well you crack mirrors!

Did You Notice?...
Meowth normally only has three fingers, but when he gives a victory sign after catching Pikachu, he has four.

Who's That Pokemon?: Abra!
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