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Bye Bye, Butterfree

Episode #120>
Its the season of love for the Butterfree, and Ash wants to make sure his Butterfree finds a mate. He, Pikachu, Misty and Brock fly off in a balloon into a flock of Butterfree and Ash sets his Butterfree out. Butterfree looks around, but cannot find a Butterfree his type... until he spots a pink Butterfree! Butterfree tries to get its attention, but fails when the pink Butterfree slaps him. Butterfree flies off into the woods below. Ash follows it and tries to cheer it up, while Misty gives Butterfree advice and Brock gives Butterfree a new look with a cool scarf. They try again, with Butterfree showing off its special moves, but the pink Butterfree is still un- interested. Suddenly, a black helicopter appears out of nowhere and begins to capture the flock of Butterfree in a giant net. It's Team Rocket! They capture all the Butterfree except for Ash's who tries to stop them, but to no avail. Team Rocket gets away, with Butterfree and Ash hot in pursuit. They eventually catch up and find Team Rocket hiding in a building in a canyon. Ash, Brock and Misty burst in and battle Team Rocket, as Butterfree frees the other Butterfree, including the pink one! The Butterfree fly away, but Team Rocket chases after them again and try to capture them again! It looks like trouble, but Pikachu hops on Butterfree's back and both fly up to the chopper. Pikachu gives Team Rocket a huge Thundershock, blowing up the chopper and sending Team Rocket plummeting to earth. Butterfree saves the flock and earns the love of the pink Butterfree! As the sun sets, Ash and Butterfree stand at the end of the ocean, watching the rest of the flock fly out to sea to lay their eggs. Ash says his goodbyes to his Butterfree and tearfully waves goodbye as his Butterfree and its new mate fly out to sea.

Quotable Quotes
"Ha! Nothing but net!" ~James, capturing the Butterfree.
"It's gonna shock us! It's gonna shock us! It's gonna shock us! It's gonna shock us! It's gonna shock us!" ~Team Rocket, as Pikachu charges up to shock them.
Brock's Heartache
Brock: "I could write a book about the secrets of love and heartache!"
Misty: "I guess that book would be your autobiography?"

Did You Notice?...
One air balloon is shaped like a Jigglypuff.

Butterfree is released, the first of several Pokemon Ash releases in hopes that they have happier lives.
The Pink Butterfree is the first alternate color Pokemon that appears in the series, which may have led to the "Shiny" Pokemon hidden in the Gold and Silver games.
Who's That Pokemon?: Butterfree!
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