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The Ghost of Maiden's Peak

Episode #119>
Arriving in the town of Maiden's Peak, named for a stone peak shaped like a young woman, we find Brock distresses that he let another summer go by without meeting a beautiful girl. When they step off the boat, Brock spots a girl on a dock in the distance, whom he immediately falls for (literally), but she disappears before he can get a second look at her. Meanwhile Team Rocket climbs out of the bucket they've been traveling in, and James sees the same girl. Brock is still depressed, while Ash and Misty try to cheer him up by bringing him to the fall fair. They run into a mysterious old lady, who warns Brock to stay away from the girl he saw on the docks. Later on, they join a ceremony where a painting of the maiden of the Maiden's Peak is unveiled every year. When painting is unveiled, Brock and James realize that it's the same girl they saw on the docks! An old man tells the two boys that the woman in the painting died hundreds of years ago, waiting on the cliff for her love to return from war and for so long she turned to stone. Soon after, Brock is fixated on the stone maiden on the nearby cliff, while Jessie and Meowth drag James away to plot to steal the painting. Night begins to fall, and Ash and Misty leave Brock at the shrine, and Brock promises to make it back by curfew. However, when curfew time comes around, Brock still isn't back and Misty and Ash are stuck in the Pokemon Center until morning. During the night, both Brock and James are visited by the maiden's ghost. The next morning, neither can be found. Ash, Misty, Pikachu go to the shrine to look for Brock and run into Jessie and Meowth who are looking for James. They find the two inside the shrine, acting possessed. The weird old lady from the fair tells them that Brock and James have been enchanted by the maiden and offers to help, selling the group anti-ghost stickers. As night falls, the Maiden appears again, but the stickers have no effect. The Maiden attempts to bring Brock and James away, but Jessie tries to stop her. The Maiden tries to ward Jessie off, but Ash's Pokedex identifies the Maiden is really a Gastly! A Pokemon battle ensues, but Gastly leaves as the sun rises. As the festival comes to an end, the real spirit of the Maiden thanks Gastly for keeping her legend alive, as Ash, Brock, Misty and Team Rocket enjoy the ending festivities.

Quotable Quotes
"James! If you're not here, at least come out and tell us!" ~Jessie, looking for James.
Misty: "Then how about this?"
Gastly: "What's that?"
Misty: "A cross! I've also got garlic, a stick and a hammer!"
Gastly: "What do I look like, a vampire?"

Did You Notice?...
One festival stand features masks of Electrode, Voltorb, Abra, Squirtle, Pikachu and Weedle.
The maiden appears to Brock on the pier, but later on he says she appeared on the rocks.
Ash and Misty see James walk up to the painting, but later on seem surprised to find Team Rocket at the festival.
Misty's komono is decorated with Goldeen shapes.

The 'penny' James picks up is really a Yen coin. When Officer Jenny takes the coin away, it has a hole in it.
Gastly is the first Pokemon aside from Meowth who can speak human talk.
Who's That Pokemon?: Gastly!
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