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Tentacool and Tentacruel

Episode #118>
Stuck in Porta Vista waiting for the next ferry to the mainland, Ash and the rest watch the ocean. Misty spots a Horsea, which looks beaten up. She plans to capture it and take it to the Pokemon center, but before she can, a boat in the harbor is caught in an explosion! Ash, Brock and Misty hop into a boat and sail out to rescue the sailors. The sailors ask to be taken to their boss, Nastina, who thank the kids for helping out. She then asks them if they can help her get rid of the Tentacool in the harbor, because they are ruining her plans to build a deluxe hotel on the coral, but Misty is not willing to harm the Tentacool. Nastina sends out a message over the city asking for help destroying the Tentacool. Team Rocket shows up and offers their services for the reward. They set out to capture the Tentacool, but there is way too many of them. One of the Tentacool evolves into a giant Tentacruel and begins to destroy the city. Ash, Brock and Misty send out their Pokemon to try to drive back the waves of Tentacool, but there are just too many of them. Horsea also tries to convice Tentacruel to stop, but Tentacruel tells Horsea that it is the only way to keep humans from destroying their home. Pikachu also tries to reason with the giant jellyfish, but it's a passionate speech from Misty that convinces Tentacruel to pull back, warning the humans not to invade their ocean homes again. As Porta Vista cleans up the town, the group sets sail to their next destination with Misty's newest Pokemon, Horsea!

Quotable Quotes
"I guess ugly is in the eye of the beholder." ~Brock, on Misty's comment that Tentacool are cute.

Did You Notice?...
Apparently Misty keeps an inflatable pool with her.

This episode was pulled from rotation after the events of September 11th, due to the fact that Tentacruel destroys skyscrapers.
Who's That Pokemon?: Horsea!
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