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Here Comes The Squirtle Squad!

Episode #112>
Continuing along a road, Ash and his pals fall into another pit, but this time it isn't Team Rocket... it's a gang of delinquent Squirtle! Ash tries to capture one of them, but they run off when they hear police sirens. Officer Jenny tells Ash and the others that the gang of Squirtle call themselves the Squirtle Squad, and are Squirtle who have been abandoned by their trainers and spend their days causing mischief all over town. Meanwhile, Team Rocket has a picnic, but find themselves also terrorized by the Squirtle Squad. Meowth convinces the Squirtle Squad to help them capture Pikachu. The Squirtles attack Pikachu and knock him into a lake, where he's hurt by a Goldeen. The Squirtle Squad captures all of them, and bring them into a cave, but Pikachu is badly hurt. Ash begs the Squirtle Squad to let him get some Super Potion for Pikachu and promises to return. They agree and set him free. Ash gets sidetracked, but Officer Jenny helps out and brings him back to the cave. When he gets back, he finds Jessie and James and Meowth betrayed the Squad. Team Rocket blasts them with Blaster Balls, but one of the Squirtle helps Ash send them blasting off. The Blaster Balls ignited a fire in the forest, and the Squirtle team up and use their Water Gun attacks to put out the blaze. The Squirtle Squad are made the towns fire squad, except for the tough leader, who decides to join Ash on his quest.

Quotable Quotes
"I am I the only member of this team who thinks world domination is more important than lunch?!" ~Jessie, after James and Meowth suggest a lunch break.
"I waaaaant a donut!!" ~James, as the Squirtle Squad eats their food.
The Threat
Meowth: "The Squirtle says if you're not back here by noon tomorrow, the redhead gets her hair dyed purple!"
Misty: "Purple!? Why you mangy little fleatrap when I get outta this I'm gonna wrap your tail around you head!"

Did You Notice?...
Team Rocket's picnic consists of sandwiches, rice balls and lemonade.
Pikachu, then later Ash, both get Horn Attacked by a Goldeen
Gary appears in the episode, but only long enough to smack Ash in the face with the shop door.

Ash finally acquires all three starting Pokemon, by obtaining Squirtle.
This is the third episode in a row that Ash and company fall into a pit.
Who's That Pokémon?: Squirtle!
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