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Charmander the Stray Pokemon

Episode #111>
Still lost in the woods, Ash and his friends stop to consult their map, when they find a Charmander laying on a rock. Charmander looks weak, so Ash attempts to capture it so they can bring it to a Pokemon Center. Charmander resists Ash's attempts. And through Pikachu, Ash finds out Charmander is waiting for his master to return. Ash and the rest leave Charmander behind, heading toward a Pokemon Center. They get there just as it begins to rain. Ash and Misty sit down to dinner, but Brock is lost in thought, worrying about Charmander. They overhear a loudmouthed boy named Damian bragging about how he dumped a Charmander in the woods because it was too weak. Brock grabs Damian and tells him to go back and get Charmanderout of the rain before the flame on his tail goes out and it dies! Damian refuses, and he and his gang run off. Ash, Brock and Misty rush back to Charmander just in time to brush away the Spearows attacking Charmander. Brock and Ash bring Charmander back to the center with the flame just about to go out. Nurse Joy rushes Charmander into the ER and manages to save it. However, the next morning, Charmander is missing and they figure that Charmander went back to the rock to wait for Damian. Brock wants to go back for Charmander, but Joy tells him Charmander has to find out the truth on its own. Ash and the rest head out toward Vermilion. On the road, all but Pikachu fall into a trap dug by, who else, Team Rocket. Wearing shock proof rubber suits, Jessie and James snag Pikachu and prepare to run off. However, Charmander arrives and blasts Team Rocket with a fire attack. They run off, leaving Pikachu behind. Damian sees the whole thing and sees how powerful Charmander can be. He tries to get Charmander back, but Charmander, remembering how Damian treated him, blasts him with another Flame Attack. Ash tries to get Brock to take Charmander, but he refuses, saying that Ash would take much better care of Charmander. Charmander happily jumps into Ash's Pokeball and they all continue onward.

Quotable Quotes
"It's a 'Joy'ful world..." ~Ash, commenting on all the Nurse Joys.
The Ultimate Plan
Jessie and James show Meowth their latest creation, a giant, menacing machine.
Meowth: nervously "So what exactly does dis thing do?"
Jessie presses a button. The machine begins to drill into the ground.
Meowth: yelling "Not another hole driller! We've tried dat already!!!

Did You Notice?...
The Team Rocket logo appears on one of the posters in the Pokemon Center.

Ash obtains Charmander, the second of three 'Starter" Pokemon from the Gameboy games.
Who's That Pokémon?: Charmander!
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