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Bulbasaur and the Hidden Village

Episode #110>
Taking a break by a stream, Misty and Ash spot an Oddish. After a squabble, Misty declares she will be the one to catch it. Using Starmie, she battles the Oddish and is about to capture it when a Bulbasaur busts out of the brush and knocks away Starmie. Ash calls out Butterfree, who sprinkles Bulbasaur with Sleep Powder. Bulbasaur blows the powder back at Butterfree knocking it out, then Bulbasaur and Oddish escape back into the woods. Disappointed, Ash continues on, crossing a bridge hung over a rapid river. Suddenly, the bridge gives way and Brock tumbles into the water below and is swept away. Ash, Misty and Pikachu manage to make it to the other side and begin to search the river bank for Brock. Along the way, Misty falls into a trap in the ground and later on, all three get caught in a net. Soon after, Brock appears and cuts them down. He leads them to a clearing in the forest and introduces them to Melanie, who is caring for the sick and injured Pokémon who stay there. Ash sees the Bulbasaur he saw earlier and Melanie tells him that Bulbasaur protects the entire village from trespassers. As Misty teases Brock about having a crush on Melanie, Team Rocket makes their way to the village, falling into every trap along the way. Ash and Brock help care for a Staryu, while Misty apologizes to the Oddish for scaring it. Suddenly, Bulbasaur tackles Misty, knocking her to the ground. Melanie tells them that Bulbasaur was only trying to protect Oddish. Ash thinks that Bulbasaur is the greatest, but Bulbasaur isn't so fond of Ash, trying to push him away from the village. Suddenly, Team Rocket shows up with a huge vacuum and tries to suck up all the Pokémon. Oddish is caught in the vacuum but is saved by Bulbasaur's Vine Whip. Ash help Bulbasaur get into the cabin to hide from Team Rocket. Ash sends out Pidgeotto, who uses a Gust Attack to blow away Team Rocket. Bulbasaur trusts Ash now, and Melanie asks Ash to take Bulbasaur along with him. As they leave, Bulbasaur says goodbye to Melanie and they leave the Hidden Village behind.

Quotable Quotes
Brock and Melanie...
Brock: "I promised Melanie that we wouldn't try to capture any Pokemon here."
Misty: "And did you seal that promise with a kiss--ow!"
Brock bonks Misty on the head. Misty glares at Brock for a second, then grins
Misty: "I guess that must mean you really do love her!"
Brock bonks Misty on the head again.

Did You Notice?...
Starmie seems to grow and shrink throughout the battle with Bulbasaur.
Among the Pokemon Melanie cares for are Paras, Oddish, Rattata, Caterpie, Weepinbell, Staryu, and Magikarp.

Misty seems to get beaten up a lot in this episode, though usually it's from her big mouth.
Ash obtains Bulbasaur, the first of three 'Starter" Pokemon from the Gameboy games.
Who's That Pokémon?: Bulbasaur!
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