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The School of Hard Knocks

Episode #109>
The group stops to take a break in a foggy forest. As Brock prepares lunch, Misty volunteers Ash to go out and find some firewood. As Ash searches the forest for firewood, he runs into some kids hazing a small boy named Joe, asking him questions about Pokémon and taunting him. Ash rushes to the Joe's defense, but the older kids ignore Ash, telling Joe he isn't Pokémon Tech material. Misty joins Ash against the students, but they turn and leave Joe behind them. Misty tells Ash that the kids are from Pokémon Tech, a school for Pokémon trainers. If a person can graduate from the Tech, he or she can enter the Pokémon League without competing for Badges. Misty asks Joe why he lets the other kids push him around and Joe tells her that the boys were just trying to help him learn about Pokémon. Ash demands to know who is in charge of that kind of help and Joe shows him a picture of the student, a girl named Gisèlle! While Brock and Ash drool over the picture of the pretty girl, Misty gets ready to straighten her out. Meanwhile Jessie and James stand outside the school, and confide in Meowth that they had gotten the lowest grades in the history of the school and flunked out. Joe brings the group into the Tech and after telling Ash that he's much more powerful that someone with two badges Misty, who takes it that Joe thinks he can beat her, challenges Joe to a match. Joe thinks he can win, since he's beaten Cerulean City Pokémon on a simulator. However, Joe's Weepinbell, despite having the advantage of Grass against Water, is beaten off the bat by Starmie. Gisèlle appears with the rest of Joe's class and berates him for not realizing that Misty's Pokémon are much stronger coming from the Cerulean Gym. Misty takes up for Joe and challenges Gisèlle to a match. Gisèlle chooses Graveler, but it's high level makes it almost invulnerable to Starmie's water attack, and it defeats the starfish Pokémon. Ash decides to challenge Gisèlle and prove that it takes more than book smarts to train Pokémon. Gisèlle uses Cubone against Pikachu, who is invulnerable to Electric Attacks. Cubone begins to beat Pikachu badly. Ash tells Pikachu to give it everything he has. Pikachu leaps onto Cubone and pulls back his skull, blocking its vision. Pikachu kicks and scratches Cubone and in the end, Cubone gets hit with its own Bone Club. Gisèlle admits defeat, but as she does, Team Rocket appears but the students team up and drive Team Rocket away. Joe decides to leave the Tech and start over like Ash and Gisèlle wishes him luck, leaving Ash wondering why he and Misty can't be good friends like that.

Quotable Quotes
"I'll be here on the sidelines, cheering you on, waiting to drag your carcass away at the end..." ~Misty, as Ash faces the Tech students
"She can violate my rights anytime!" ~Brock, after seeing Giselle's picture.
Volunteer Work
Brock: "One of you is going to have to go into the forest and bring back some firewood."
Misty: "That's an excellent idea, Brock, and I'm willing to sacrifice the excitement of searching for firewood to stay here and keep you company.

Did You Notice?...
Tech's Pokémon simulator looks very similar to the battle screen in the gameboy games.
Raichu, Venomoth, Victreebel and Clefairy adorn Brock's tea set.

Brock shows off his cooking skills.
Eric Stewart takes over as the voice of James.
Who's That Pokémon?: Cubone!
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