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The Path to the Pokemon League

Episode #108>
With two Badges, Ash feels pretty confident in himself, but to Brock and Misty, it just looks like he's getting a big head. Ash keeps winning more trainer battles, and hears about A.J., a Pokémon trainer who has never lost a single match and even has his own gym. Ash decides he will be the one who will hand A.J. his first loss ever. The group arrives at a make-shift gym at the edge of a forest, and Ash challenges A.J., who is unimpressed by Ash's Badges. A.J. has already won 98 matches in a row and tells Ash once he wins 100, he will start competing for badges. They battle, but A.J.'s Sandshrew quickly defeats Butterfree and Pidgeotto, and Pikachu refuses to fight, giving A.J. his 99th win. Ash acts like a sore loser, accusing A.J. of cheating. Ash begs for a rematch, but A.J. leaves and goes back into the tent. As Ash mopes, he, Brock and Misty hear A.J. yelling at Sandshrew from inside the tent. Peering inside, Ash sees all of A.J.'s Pokémon training hard. Ash confronts A.J. about pushing his Pokémon too hard. Ash tries to get Brock to get on his side, but Brock is only interested in what kind of food A.J. feeds his Pokémon. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is outside the tent, plotting to kidnap Pikachu. They roll into the gym inside a rubber ball to block any electric attacks. They confuse Sandshrew for Pikachu and snatch the ground Pokémon instead. Brock breaks up the fight between Ash and A.J., who notices that Sandshrew is missing. Ash smugly suggest that Sandshrew ran away because of the way A.J. treated him. Back in the forest, Team Rocket argues over who will carry the bag holding Sandshrew. Suddenly, the bag bursts open and Sandshrew falls onto Meowth, who bites Sandshrew's tail. Sandshrew leaps up and knocks out Jessie and James, then burrows underground. Sandshrew burrows back to the tent, pops out of the ground and hugs A.J. who is glad to see him again. Team Rocket shows up and demands Pikachu, not the second-rate Sandshrew. A.J., clearly peeved, challenges Team Rocket to his 100th match. Sandshrew easily defeats Koffing, Ekans and Meowth, and Team Rocket runs away. A.J. with 100 wins, closes his gym and heads out with Sandshrew on his own path to the Pokémon League.

Quotable Quotes
Fashion Police
Jessie: "That outfit that trainer's wearing is positively hideous"
James: "That shirt looks like its from a century or two ago. He'd fit right in perfect in a museum."
Meowth: "At least he don't look like he's trick or treatin' like you two.
Don't Mess With Misty
A.J.: "Did you buy those badges or steal 'em? Either that or you competed in some loser gyms!
Misty: Whadaya mean, "loser gyms"?
Brock: "Hey, Ash, pulverize this guy!"

Did You Notice?...
A. J. trains Sandshrew, Butterfree, Beedrill and Rattata in his gym.
A miniature Hitmonlee and a Hitmonchan are used in A.J.'s timer.

Ash wins ten battles in a row before he loses to A.J.
Who's That Pokémon?: Sandshrew!
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