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The Water Flowers of Cerulean City

Episode #107>
Ash and Brock continue onto Cerulean City, with Misty very reluctant to go into town, all the way trying to convice Ash to skip it and go on to Vermilion City instead. Ash ignores her and heads on anyway. Misty doesn't follow them into town, and Ash continues onto the Cerulean Gym while Brock goes and runs some errands. Once there, Ash finds a water show featuring the Sensational Sisters of Cerulean, a water ballet trio. After the show, Ash tries to find the gym leader. He runs into the sisters where he can find him and they reply that THEY are the Gym Leaders. Ash challenges them, but they tell him that they don't feel like battling. The oldest, Daisy, tells Ash that she will just give the Cascade Badge to him. Ash is about to take it when Misty bursts into the gym and reveals that she is the fourth Sensational Sister. She demands that she battle Ash to protect her family's honor. Ash accepts her challenge to a Pokemon battle, but Pikachu refuses to battle Misty. Ash sends out Butterfree while Misty sends out Staryu. After a heated battle, Butterfree is knocked into the water and Ash is forced to call it back, then sends out Pidgeotto. Misty recalls Staryu and releases Starmie. Starmie is outclassed by the bigger Pidgeotto and is about to faint when a giant tank bursts through the gym walls. Jessie and James emerge and using a giant vaccum, begin to suck the water out of the pool, stealing all the water Pokemon. Pikachu shocks Team Rocket right off their platform, and they fall into the water, sucked up into their vaccum and are blasted back outside. Afterward, Daisy gives Ash the Cascade Badge, telling him he and Pikachu earned it by saving them from Team Rocket. Ash gladly takes the badge and he and Misty head on out with Brock toward Vermilion City as they argue who would have really won.

Quotable Quotes
"Know yourself, know your adversary, and you hold the key to victory!" ~A line Ash steals from Dexter
"There are only three Sensational Sisters, and one RUNT." ~Lily, after Misty proclaims she is the fourth sister
Bad Puns
Ash: "Huh? But what's with all that swimming?"
Lily: "It's, like, our hobby, and our fans love to watch us perform."
Violet: "We pool our talents to make a big splash!"

Did You Notice?...
James's rose is blue instead of red.
Pokemon that adorn the gym walls: Poliwag, Lapras, Seel, Dewgong, and Cloyster.

This episode marks the first time we see Brock use his flirting skills.
The first time someone accuses Misty of being Ash's boyfriend.
Ash wins his second Gym Badge, the Cascade Badge.
Who's That Pokémon?: Seel!
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