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Showdown in Pewter City

Episode #105>
Ash, Pikachu and Misty arrive in Pewter City, where they run into Flint, a rock salesman who brings them to the Pokémon Center. As Nurse Joy tends to the Pokémon, Ash notices a poster for the Pokémon League. Misty tells Ash that he must earn badges from Gym Leaders in different towns in order to get into the Championships. Ash declares that he will beat the Pewter City gym leader, but Flint scoffs at the idea and wishes Ash luck. Ash arrives at the Gym and challenges Brock, but Pikachu stands no chance against Brock's giant Onix. Onix binds up Pikachu, forcing Ash to forfeit. Outside the Gym, Ash runs into Flint, who takes him back to his rock shop. Ash wonders why a trainer as good as Brock never entered a tournament. Flint shows Ash where Brock lives, and Ash finds him taking care of his ten brothers and sisters. Flint tells Ash that Brock's father left the family to become a Pokémon trainer, and his mother died soon after, leaving Brock having to care for his family. Ash feels sorry for Brock, but still wants to win the Boulder Badge. Flint helps Ash power up Pikachu's attacks. Ash goes back to challenge Brock again. Pikachu somehow manages to shock out Geodude, and Brock sends out Onix again. But even a powered up Pikachu is still no match for Onix. However, Brock stops the match, telling Ash he doesn't want to hurt Pikachu. The lights, which were shorted out from Pikachu's electric attacks, trigger the gym's fire sprinklers, which weaken Onix. Ash begins to battle again, but Brock's brothers and sisters jump from the stands and push Ash to the ground. Brock tries to stop his siblings, but Ash calls back Pikachu anyway, saying that the sprinklers were just an accident and it wouldn't be fair to win because of that. Ash and Pikachu walk off, but Brock catches up to them, and gives Ash the Boulder Badge as a reward for his kindness. Brock tells Ash he wishes to become a great Pokémon breeder, but because he has to take care of his family, he can't ever reach that dream. Suddenly, Flint shows up and reveals himself as Brock's father! Flint tells Brock he failed at being a Pokémon trainer and was too ashamed to come home, but he is ready to take responsibility for his family. He tells Brock to go and follow his dreams. Brock leaves Pewter City with Ash and Pikachu, with Misty following close behind.

Quotable Quotes
"Your Pikachu is in it's cutest stage... it can't win." ~Brock, to challenger Ash.
"Just when he gets a lucky break, he decides to be a nice guy too!" ~Misty, as Ash forfeits his second match with Brock.
Dad's Back
Brock: "First, there are some things I have to tell you.
Flint: "After all these years I understand how you must feel about me, so I want you to get everything off your chest."
Brock: "Here." Brock hands Flint a needle and thread. "Susie always rips her dresses so you'd better learn to sew, Timmy only eats cold spagehtti for breakfast, Tommy likes corn flakes for dinner..."
Flint: "Slow down, slow down! I can't write that fast!"

Did You Notice?...
The elemental symbols used on the Pokémon League poster are the same ones used in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.
Ash and Misty's lunch bill is $11.50

Team Rocket builds their first pit trap... and unfortunately, not their last.
Ash wins his first Gym Badge.
We find out that each city has a Nurse Joy, and each one is named Joy and looks exactly the same!
Who's That Pokémon?: Onix!
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