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Challenge of the Samurai

Episode #104>
Venturing further into the forest, Misty is frightened by a Weedle. Ash uses Pidgeotto to battle the Weedle. Ash defeats Weedle and is about to capture it, when the strange trainer appears and thrusts his sword just before Ash's nose. The Weedle gets away before Ash can capture it. The trainer tells Ash and Misty he is Samurai and he wants to battle Ash. The battle begins with Samurai's Pinsir and Ash's Pidgeotto. Pinsir knocks out Pidgeotto, so Ash sends in Metapod. Pinsir tries to crush Metapod in its claws, but Metapod uses Harden and breaks Pinsir's claws. Samurai then sends out his own Metapod, and they both try to out Harden each other. They are interrupted by a swarm of Beedrills, who were alerted by the Weedle that escaped. The Beedrill capture Ash's Metapod and take it to their hive, where Ash cannot reach it. Outrunning the Beedrill and hiding in Samurai's cabin, Ash, Misty and Pikachu are saved. Samurai scolds Ash for abandoning Metapod. Ash has a restless night worrying about his Metapod, and early the next morning sets out alone to rescue Metapod. Unfortunately, Team Rocket shows up and makes such a loud entrance speech that the hive of Beedrill awaken and dive bomb Team Rocket. Using the distraction, Ash rushes in and scoops up Metapod in his arms. Ash runs and tries to convince Metapod that he didn't mean to leave it behind, but he trips and drops Metapod. Ash then admits that he was wrong and he will never abandon his friends again. A Beedrill tries to attack Ash, but Metapod lunges forward and strikes the Beedrill down. Metapod falls to the ground, splits open and a Butterfree emerges! Butterfree uses its Sleep Powder to put the swarm of Beedrill and Team Rocket to sleep. Samurai congratulates Ash on his victory and Ash and Misty leave the forest, headed toward Pewter City.

Quotable Quotes
"You two are more hard headed than your Metapod!" ~Misty, as Ash and Samurai battle
"Maybe it's a... COW-terpie!" ~Ash, as Misty shrieks at more bug Pokemon
"Never interrupt the Team Rocket motto!" ~An annoyed Jessie, as Ash interrupts their motto.

Did You Notice?...
The nametag on Ash's sleeping bag says "Satoshi", Ash's Japanese name.
When Samurai threatens Ash, Ash's gloves "mysteriously" disappear.

Ash learns that there are two other trainers from Pallet Town, but aside from Gary, we never learn who they are.
Metapod evolves into Butterfree.
Meowth scratches Ash's face for the first time.
Who's That Pokémon?: Metapod!
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