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Ash Catches A Pokemon!

Episode #103>
Picking up from the last episode, Ash captures the Caterpie he finds in the forest, making his first Pokemon catch. Excited, he dances around Misty, shoving the Pokeball in her face. Misty freaks out, telling Ash that she hates bugs. Caterpie tries to get Misty to like it, but Misty refuses to have anything to do with the Bug Type. Camping out, Ash and Misty fall asleep while Pikachu and Caterpie chatter to each other. Caterpie gazes up into the sky and wishes to become a Butterfree so Misty will like it. The next morning, Misty wakes up to find Caterpie lying next to her. Screaming, she wakes up Ash and Pikachu and shouts at Caterpie. Ash scolds Misty for hurting Caterpie's feelings. Suddenly, a Pidgeotto appears and Ash uses out Caterpie to battle it. However, Caterpie is badly beaten by the Pidgeotto and Ash sends out Pikachu. Pikachu uses its Thundershock and Ash captures the fainted Pidgeotto. Misty yells at Ash for using a Bug against a Bird Pokemon, risking Caterpie's life to capture a Pokemon. Misty's lecture is interrupted by Team Rocket, who demands that Ash hand over Pikachu. James's Koffing uses a Sludge Attack on Pikachu, blinding it. With Pikachu out of commission, Ash uses Pidgeotto. After a lengthy battle, Koffing and Ekans strike Pidgeotto at the same time, forcing Ash to call it back. Ash's last chance rides on Caterpie, who was already weakened in the battle with Pidgeotto. Team Rocket laughs when they see the small bug. It looks like Caterpie is outclassed, but Ash calls for it to use String Shot. Caterpie wraps up Koffing, Ekans and Meowth with its String Shot. Team Rocket, defeated, runs off, declaring that they will be back. Ash hugs Caterpie, thanking it for his first victory. Misty thanks Caterpie too, and Ash asks Misty to pat Caterpie on the head as a peace offering. Just as Misty is about to touch Caterpie, Caterpie sprays some string into the air and becomes encased in a hard shell, evolving into Metapod!

Quotable Quotes
"I guess it takes a worm to love a worm." ~Misty, as Ash shows of his new Caterpie.
"Don't let the bed bugs bite." ~Ash, tormenting Misty before they go to sleep.
Misty Meets Caterpie
Misty: "Ash, put that slimy thing back in its Pokeball! Bugs are one of the three most disgusting things in the world!"
Ash: "Aside from you, what are the other disgusting things?"
Misty: "Very funny! Carrots! Peppers! And bugs! Everyone has something they don't like and I don't like bugs!

Did You Notice?...
Misty shouts out the title of the episode, rather than Ash
James leaves behind his rose as Team Rocket runs off.

Ash captures his first two Pokemon, Caterpie and Pidgeotto.
Ash evolves his first Pokemon, Caterpie into Metapod.
Ash wins his first Pokemon battle against Team Rocket.
Who's That Pokémon?: Caterpie!
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