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Pokémon Emergency!

Episode #102
Ash races to Viridian City with Pikachu in his arms. As he passes by a police station, he is stopped by a police officer, suspecting Ash of being a Pokemon thief. After clearing things up with his Pokedex ID, the police officer gives Ash a ride to the Pokemon Center on her motorcycle. Meanwhile, above the city, Jessie and James, member of Team Rocket plot to steal rare Pokemon from the Pokemon Center. Their mascot, a Pokemon named Meowth who can speak like a human, bosses them around as their balloon hovers toward the center. Officer Jenny gets Ash to the Pokemon Center, and Pikachu is rushed to the E.R. Ash, helpless to do anything, waits in the lobby. He calls his mom, who encourages Ash to go out and be the very best he can be. After he hangs up, Ash then gets a call from Prof. Oak, who is a little disappointed that Ash has yet to catch a single Pokemon. After Oak says goodbye, Misty bursts into the Center and demands that Ash pay her back for the damage to her bike. Ash tells Misty he can't do anything until Pikachu is better. The light over the E.R. goes off and Nurse Joy wheels out Pikachu on a stretcher. Joy tells Ash that Pikachu needs a little rest and Misty agrees to wait until Pikachu is fully healed before they figure out how to deal with her broken bike. Alarms suddenly go off, warning the citizens of Viridian of Pokemon Thieves. Team Rocket bursts into the center and begin to tear the place apart looking for any rare Pokemon. Ash, Joy, Misty and Pikachu take cover in the storage room. Team Rocket cuts the power, but a pack of Pikachu serve as a back-up generator. Joy begins to transport the Pokemon to Pewter City, but Team Rocket bursts in. Misty distracts Team Rocket as Ash races out with Pikachu. He crashes into Misty's bike in the lobby, and the impact wakes up Pikachu. Pikachu calls the other Pikachu and together they shock Team Rocket. The electricty sparks Koffing's gas, and the Pokecenter is blown sky-high. Team Rocket blasts off, vowing to capture Ash's Pikachu.
The next morning, Ash, Misty and Pikachu continue on to Viridian Forest, where Ash finds a Caterpie and attempts to capture it.

Quotable Quotes
"A Pokedex! This will solve our problem!" ~Officer Jenny, a bit too excited to see Ash's Pokedex.
Big Trouble
Misty: "Aha! I knew I'd find you here!
Ash: "Hey, what happened to your bike?"
Misty: "What happened to my bike? You happened to my bike you little loser! This is what happened to it after you stole it to save your Pokemon! Now I'm-- whoa!!"
Misty, unbalanced from the weight of her bike, crashes to the floor.
Enter Team Rocket
James: "This picture makes me look terrible!"
Jessie: "Then you should be glad the photographer captured the real you."
James: "Exactly."
Jessie: "We'll show these bumpkins."
James: "The people of Viridian City will be sorry they ever saw this face."
Meowth: "We're all sorry to see your face!"

Did You Notice?...
Does James sound a little different to you in this episode? James's voice was recorded by a different actor in the first few episodes. Eric Stuart (the voice of Brock) takes over the role after the sixth episode.
As Nurse Joy accesses her computer, you can see a small picture of a Starmie, and there is a Jigglypuff on screen when the phone is in voice only mode.
It's 8 o' clock at night when Ash calls his mom.
Oak must be pretty hungry, because he not only orders pizza, he also has noodles boiling in the background.

Team Rocket recites their famous motto for the first time.
We learn that Misty is freaked out by bugs and Bug Pokemon.
Who's That Pokémon?: Koffing!
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