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The men and women behind the voices of the Pokemon cast work hard to give the characters the same sound and feel of their Japanese counterparts, so we pay tribute to them here.

Veronica Taylor
Veronica Taylor is the actress who provides Ash's voice, as well as the voice of Ash's mom, and perhaps her most groundbreaking role... Diglett!
Much like her fellow Pokemon actors, Veronica also does voices for Slayers (Amelia) and Cubix (Abby).
Rachel Lillis does double duty as the voices of both Misty and Jessie, but she also does voices for many different Pokemon, including Pikachu during the first few episodes. She is also the voice for that irresistable puffball, Jigglypuff! Rachel has had a few bit parts in movies (She's The One), but loves the stage and auditions for plays regularly.
Her other dubbing roles include Martina from "The Slayers: NEXT", and Tenjou Utena from "Revolutionary Girl Utena."

Rachel Lillis

Eric Stuart
Eric Stuart is the talent behind the voices of both Brock and James, two characters who couldn't be more different! Eric is one busy guy, because not only does he do voice acting, he is also the lead singer of the Eric Stuart Band, which records and tours regularly. He and his band has toured with and opened for Ringo Starr, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Hall and Oates, Chicago and Peter Frampton, just to name a few. He also plays a mean guitar.
In addition to Brock and James (and a ton of Pokemon), Eric also does voices for "Cubix" and "Yu-Gi-Oh", and in a role almost as famous as Brock, he also voices Gourry Gabriev in the anime series "The Slayers".
He is also a huge Batman fan.
Lisa Ortiz may not have a leading role in Pokemon, but she's important to the series nonetheless. She does the voices for countless characters, including Misty's sisters, Gym Leader Sabrina, Lara Laramie, Lisa from Pokemon 3, and of course, Cassidy, Jessie's rival. Lisa has always enjoyed doing voices, and, much like her fellow dubbers, started imitating cartoon characters at a very early age.
She is probably more famously known as the voice of Lina Inverse, on the hit series "The Slayers". Her other roles include Deedlit from "Record of Londross War" and Ellis from Battle Arena Toshinden.
She is also bi-lingual in Spanish.

Lisa Oritz
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