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Age: ??
Height: 1' 4" 
Eyes: Brown 
Hair: Yellow
Japanese Name: Pikachu
Voice: Ikue Ootani, Rachael
Pikachu is Ash's first Pokémon and a temperamental one at that. Pikachu wasn't too fond of Ash at first, but after Ash risked his life to save Pikachu from a flock of angry Spearows, Pikachu realized that Ash really cared about him. Ash isn't just Pikachu's trainer, but his best friend. Pikachu has spent time in a Pokeball only once and that was enough for him. Pikachu refuses to get inside a Pokeball, preferring instead to walk alongside Ash. Like most other Pokémon, Pikachu can only say his name, which can lead to funny conversations between him and Ash, and Ash actually seems to understand Pikachu! Ash uses Pikachu often in battle, even when one of his other Pokémon would have the advantage. Of course, Pikachu isn't always in the mood to battle, which leads to Pikachu giving Ash quite a shock. Pikachu makes friends easily with other Pokemon and helps Ash understand if there is something wrong with one of his other Pokemon. After Pikachu gave Team Rocket a big "shock" at the Viridian City Pokemon Center, the terrible trio spend almost every episode plotting to steal the electric mouse. However, they've never fully succeeded.
Pikachu remains with Ash throughout his journey, helping him capture new Pokémon and making new friends!
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