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This section covers the various characters, Gym Leaders and Trainers Ash and company have encountered on their journeys. They usually only appear in one or two episodes, listed below their names.

A.J. - A savage Pokémon trainer, who handed Ash his first defeat. He seems really tough on the outside, but he really cares deeply for his Pokémon.
Appearance: Episode 108 - The Path to The Pokémon League
Ariel - A Ledyba Trainer who uses her Ledyba to pollinate fruit trees
Appearance: Episode 323 - The Whistle Stop
Aya - The sister of Gym Leader Koga, she is a martial arts expert and trains Venonat.
Appearances: Episode 131 - The Ninja-Poke Showdown, Episode 419 - Ariados Amigos!
Atoshi - A Trainer who lost his badges to Team Rocket.
Appearance: Episode 218 - Bad to the Bone
Benny - A Trainer who inadvertently traded his Wobbuffet to Jessie for Lickitung.
Appearance: Episode 341 - Tricks of the Trade
Bill - A Pokémon expert who lives in a lighthouse near Vermillion City. He is a good friend of Prof Oak and knows the facts about almost every single Pokémon... even though he can't seem to recognise a Dragonite when he sees one.
Appearance: Episode 113 - Mystery at the Lighthouse
Blaine - Blaine ran the Cinnabar Island Gym until the island was overcrowded with tourists. He secretly trains inside the Cinnabar Volcano, and only lets trainer challenge him if they can solve his riddles. He has the Volcano Badge.
Appearances: Episode 203 - Riddle Me This, Episode 204 - Volcanic Panic
Bruno - A member of the Elite Four. He is said to know the secret of Pokémon, though he really doesn't. All it takes is a strong bond between a Trainer and his Pokémon.
Appearance: Episode 216 - Expect the Onix-pected
Brutella - Twin cousin of Nastina, she runs a restaurant in Porta Vista.
Appearance: Episode L01 - Beauty and the Beach
Bugsy - The Gym Leader of Azalea City, he is an expert in Bug Type Pokemon. He holds the Hive Badge.
Appearance: Episode 339- Gettin' The Bugs Out
Captain Aden - A Fire Captain who uses Water Pokemon to put out fires.
Appearances: Episode 301 - Pokemon Water War, Episode 342 - The Fire-Ring Squad
Casey - The first Johto trainer Ash battled. Her first Pokémon was a Chikorita.
Appearances: Episode 313 - The Double Trouble Header, Episode 404 - The Bug Stops Here
Corey - One of the trainers led to Mewtwo's Island
Appearance: Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Daisy, Lily and Violet - Misty's sisters, known as the Famous Cerulean Sisters. They are like, totally, like valley girls, and would totally rather work on their water show routine
Appearances: Episode 107 - The Water Flowers of Cerulean City, Episode 206 - The Misty Mermaid
Damien - A cruel Pokémon trainer who abandoned Charmander.
Appearance: Episode 111 - Charmander the Stray Pokémon
Danny - The Navel Island Orange League Gym Leader, he holds the Sea Ruby Badge. He has a three stage challenge that includes mountain climbing and a sled race. Misty has a crush on him.
First appearance: Episode 240 - Navel Maneuvers
Dr. Proctor - A doctor who specializes in human medicine, but can help heal Pokemon in a pinch. He is also smooth with the ladies.
Appearance: Episode 144: A Chansey Operation
Domino - An elite member of Team Rocket, she is know by her fellow agents at 009, and by her enemies as The Black Tulip.
Appearance: Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns
Drake - The Orange League Supreme Champion and leader of the Orange Crew. He was undefeated until Ash and Pikachu gave his Dragonite quite a jolt.
Appearances: Episode 306 - Hello, Pummello!, Episode 307 - Enter the Dragonite
Duplica - A Ditto Master, she is also a master of disguise, able to disguise herself as anyone she wishes!
Appearance: Episode 135 - Ditto's Mysterious Mansion
Erika - The Celadon City Gym Leader and owner of a famous perfume store. She refused to battle Ash because he insulted her perfume, but she and Ash became friends after he risked his life to save her Gloom from a fire. She holds the Rainbow Badge.
First appearance: Episode 125 - Pokémon Scent-sation
Eve - A Pokémon archeologist.
Appearance: Episode 217 - The Puzzle of Poke-opolis
Falkner - The Violet City Gym Leader, he holds the Zephyr Badge. He trains Flying Pokemon.
Appearance: Episode 326 - Fighting Flyer With Fire
Fergus - One of the trainers led to Mewtwo's Island
Appearance: Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Flint - Brock's dad, who left the family but never returned after he failed to become a Pokémon Master. Soon after he disappeared, Brock's mother died, leaving Brock to take care of his ten siblings. When Ash challenged Brock, Flint helped Ash prepare. After Ash defeated Brock in the Pewter Gym, Flint returned at last to allow Brock to journey with Ash.
Appearance: Episode 105 - Showdown in Pewter City
Florinda - Caretaker at the Xanadu Plant Nursery. She owns a Gloom.
Appearance: Episode 213 - Make Room For Gloom
Gelardian - An obsessive Pokemon Collection who will stop at nothing to obtain the rarest Pokemon.
Appearance: Pokemon The Movie 2000: The Power of One
Joe and Gisele - Students from Pokémon Tech. Gisele was tough on Joe, but she actually cared for him.
Appearance: Episode 109 - The School of Hard Knocks
Koga - Master of Poison Pokémon, he is the leader of the Fushia City Gym. He holds the Soul Badge.
Appearance: Episode 131 - The Ninja Poke-Showdown
Kurt - He is an expert in making Pokeballs from Apricorns. Ash brought him the GS Ball to try and figure out what's inside.
Appearances: Episode 337 - A Shadow of a Drought, Episode 338 - Going Apricorn
Lisa - A friendly Johto trainer who helps Ash enter the Crystal Tower.
Appearance: Pokemon The Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
Lorelei - A member of the Elite Four who Ash encountered in the Orange Islands. She showed Ash that in his quest to become stronger, he had forgotten about the love of his Pokémon.
Appearance: Episode 246 - The Mandarin Island Miss Match
Lt. Surge - The Vermillion City Gym Leader, he holds the Thunder Badge. Surge and his Raichu beat Ash and Pikachu in their first battle, but Ash and Pikachu came back and defeated Raichu using Speed attacks that Raichu never learned before it evolved.
Appearance: Episode 114 - Electric Shock Showdown
Luanna - The Kuquait Island Orange Crew Gym Leader, she owns a fabulous hotel complete with its own Pokémon Gym! She specializes in two on two Pokémon battles and holds the Jade Star Badge. She has a son who is on a Pokémon journey just like Ash.
Appearance: Episode 303 - Pokémon Double Trouble
Mandy - An obnoxious Pokemon trainer, he was Ash's first opponent in the Indigo Pokemon League Tournament.
Appearance: Episode 220 - Round One - Begin!
Marie - She's the little sister of Rudy, the Trovita Island Gym Leader. She wants Misty to be her big sister.
First appearance: Episode 250 - Misty Meets Her Match
Marina - A water Pokémon trainer, just like Misty. She has a Psyduck and a Tentacruel.
First appearance: Episode 238 - Bye Bye Psyduck
Matao - A talented glass sculptor, who sells his wares on Sunburst Island with his sister Marissa.
First appearance: Episode 234 - The Crystal Onix
Melody - A girl from Shamuti Island who is extremely skilled at musical instruments.
Appearance: Pokemon The Movie 2000: The Power of One
Melanie - She runs a forest Pokémon spa that cares for injured or abandoned Pokémon. She also gave Ash Bulbasaur. 
Appearance: Episode 110 - Bulbasaur and this Hidden Village
Mewtwo - A Pokemon that was the result of years of experiements by Team Rocket. He almost succeeded in wiping out all life on earth, but Ash managed to touch Mewtwo's heart and teach him that all living things have a purpose in life. He now lives in moonlight of a far away city.
Appearances: Episode 208 - Battle of the Badge, Pokemon the First Movie, Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns
Moe - Elderly owner of Moe's Restaurant in Porta Vista. With Ash's help he paid off his debts and was able to sail around the world in his prized boat.
Appearance: Episode L01 - Beauty and the Beach
Morty - The leader of the Eurakrat City Gym, and a trainer of Ghost Pokemon, he holds the Fog Badge.
Appearance: Episode 424 - A Ghost of a Chance, Episode 425 - From Ghost to Ghost
Molly - The young daughter of Prof. Hale. She loves the legendary Pokemon Entei and hopes one day to become a Pokemon Trainer. She and Ash played together when they were very young.
Appearance: Pokemon The Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
Nastina - A rich old lady who tried to exterminate a school of Tentacool.
First appearance: Episode 118 - Tentacool and Tentacruel
Neesha - One of the trainers led to Mewtwo's Island.
Appearance: Pokemon The First Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back
Otoshi - A trainer Ash battled on the way to Indigo Plateau. His favorite Pokémon is his Marowak.
Appearance: Episode 218 - Bad To The Bone
Poncho - Somewhat of a Wild West throwback, Poncho rounds up wild Pokemon that wander into cities.
Appearance: Episode 309 - The Underground Round-Up
Potter - Caretaker at the Xanadu Plant Nursery.
Appearance: Episode 213 - Make Room For Gloom
President Goodshow - The president of the Indigo Pokemon League
Appearance: Episode 219 - All Fired Up!
Prof. Elm - A former student of Prof. Oak, he admires Oak's teachings, but tries his best to out-do Prof. Oak in his research. He tends to spend too much time on his research and too little time with other people.
Appearance: Episode 312 - Don't Touch That  'Dile!
Prof. Phelina Ivy - A Pokémon Prof., she is an associate of Prof. Oak. She discovered the mysterious GS Ball, which Ash obtained while traveling through the Orange Islands.
Appearances: Episode 230 - Pokeball Peril, Pokémon The Movie 2000: The Power of One
Prof. Spencer Hale - A Pokemon Archeologist who uncovered the mysterious Unown Pokemon. He went to school with Delia Ketchum and was a student of Prof. Oak. He has a young daughter named Molly.
Appearance: Pokemon The Movie 3: Spell of the Unown
Prof. Westwood V - The fifth in a long line of Prof. Westwoods. He helped program the Pokedex, and owns a Slowbro.
Appearance: Episode 211 - The Evolution Solution
Ruby - She runs a grapefruit farm on the Grapefruit Islands
First appearance: Episode 241 - Snack Attack
Rudy - The Trovita Island Orange League Gym Leader, he holds the Spiked Shell Badge. He also has a fondness for Misty.
First appearance: Episode 250 - Misty Meets Her Match
Samurai - A freaky trainer who lives in the Viridian forest and trains Bug type Pokémon.
Appearance: Episode 104 - Challenge of the Samurai
Sabrina - The Saffron City Gym Leader. Her human spirit split from her body and inhabited a small doll. Sabrina had no human emotions and was a cold, harsh Trainer until Ash and Haunter restored her human spirit by making her laugh. She possesses the Marsh Badge.
Appearances: Episode 121 - Abra and the Psychic Showdown, Episode 123 - Haunter vs. Kadabra
Seymour - A scientist who studies among the Clefairy in Mt. Moon. He's a bit eccentric and odd.
Appearance: Episode 106 - Mystery of Mt. Moon
Sissy - The Orange Crew Mikan Island Gym Leader. She specializes in Water Pokémon and you must earn her Coral Eye Badge by competing in skeet shooting and water racing
Appearance: Episode 232 - Fit To Be Tide
Susie - A world famous Pokémon Breeder who Brock admires. She gave Brock Vulpix.
Appearance: Episode 127 -Pokémon Fashion Flash
Victor - An old surfer who, with his Pikachu Puka, rode the huge wave Humunga Dunga.
Appearance: Episode 212 -The Pi-Kahuna
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